Rhino Defence – Part of the Beal Group

Serving the UK defence sector with quality manufactured products made in the UK.

As part of the Beal Group, Rhino Defence brings together the manufacturing capabilities of Tony Beal Ltd based in Scotland and Rhino UK in the heart of the Midlands, with a combined production capacity of over 2,500 items per week, operating from over 75,000 sq ft of manufacturing space from our combined sites.

Over 25 years serving defence

The Beal Group have a long tradition of manufacturing quality finished textile-based items for the UK and International defence market and have proudly served the UK defence sector for more than 25 years.

Design & manufacturing specialists

With a skill base operating a diverse and extensive range of specialised machinery, complemented by innovative and forward thinking, both Rhino Defence and Tony Beal Ltd are ideally placed to design and manufacture products for the defence industry.

Made & accredited in the UK

The Beal Group of companies, including Rhino Defence and Tony Beal Ltd, are proud to produce in the UK, the highest quality manufactured products for the UK armed forces, and are BE EN IS0 9001 accredited for our manufacturing and design capabilities.

Our Products


Producing tentage and associated components directly and indirectly for the armed forces for over 25 years, we are fully familiar with the range of GS (General Service) tentage, components & associated items.

Tarpaulin & Vehicle Covers

We are one of the largest tarpaulin manufacturers in the UK and export to over 20 countries worldwide. With over 30 years of experience supplying tarpaulins and vehicle covers to vehicle manufacturers, contractors, and the Ministry Of Defence, you can rely on The Beal Group and Rhino Defence for all your tarpaulin needs.

Valises & Bags

The Beal Group and Rhino Defence produce a wide range of valises and bags for the Ministry of Defence. Our products come in a range of materials and specifications in order to meet the demands of our customers. We pride ourselves on being adaptable and will aim to supply to the required design provided or specific requirements.

Lifting Systems

Our comprehensive lifting range includes webbing & roundslings to cater for a wide range of specifications in order to meet the demands for both civilian and defence use. They can be manufactured in a wide variety of lengths & lifting capacity to suit technical requirements & preferences.

Load Restraints

In addition to our range of lifting systems, we also manufacture an extensive range of load restraint systems. These systems are all manufactured in the UK to the customer’s exact requirements and range from lightweight 25mm Cam Buckle systems to a 10-tonne system for securing heavy equipment. All our range of fittings are held in stock at our UK factories and can be shipped worldwide.

Specialist Range

The Beal Group has been manufacturing a wide selection of specialist products for over 30 years, for both civilian and defence use. All produced to a high quality as standard, here are just a few items from our specialist range. We can customise these products to different applications and specification.

Repair & Refurbishment

The Beal Group and Rhino Defence has established an unrivalled facility for refurbishment, where we can clean, reproof, repair & refurbish canvas tentage and clean and repair VC tentage, tarpaulins, groundsheets and insulation of all sizes to be re-commissioned back into service. Our service also includes tagging and logging of items for traceability and power washing containers prior to re-loading and sealing.

Our considerable resource in the UK allows for significant quantities of refurbishment items to be processed. Being a leader in the field, this expansion was a natural development for us due in part to our vast experience in both civilian and military applications, although it also defines our drive to expand and regenerate our operation to meet new challenges, especially in the demands of today’s world to reduce cost and improve efficiency.

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